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Creative Counseling and Studio is a Hybrid Online and In-Person mental health clinic. 

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Are you struggling to adjust to life stress? Did you survive a traumatic event but struggle to move on?  Are you a parent struggling to help your child through life traditions and big feelings?  Are you finding it difficult connecting with yourself and other​s around are you? Have you experienced cultural trauma and struggled to find a provider that gets it? If any of this resonates, Creative Counseling and Studio is the place for you. 

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The trauma we experience does not have to control our lives. Join us in unpacking trauma to rekindle healthy relationships.

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Tumultuous relationships do not have to be the norm. Come develop skills for coping with daily living.  

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Have you wondered what could be for your life? What if your best life was on the other side of your comfort zone? 


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"Creative Counseling and Studio has given me a place to be myself. I can talk about whatever I want and get to know myself better."

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