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Be Still..

April 19, 2020

As I sit here thinking about what I should write about (my first blog EEEEK!), the thought that keeps racing across my mind is “stick to what you know.” You are established-ish, don’t change a thing! Maybe you are a little bored (okay a lot bored), but things are going great! You are healthy, all of your loved ones are healthy; what do you have to complain about?

Or maybe this discontentment is more complex than the binary of ‘change or do not change.’ Maybe this ambivalent feeling is a global stillness we are all experiencing related to not knowing what is next with COVID-19. The last time I remember being still in my daily living was middle school, more than 16 years ago.

That was a time in my life were the only goal was how to navigate good grades and fitting in. I was not consumed with the next step or benchmark. Over the past five weeks, I have had the opportunity to be still and learn how much of the English language my four-year-old son knows; and his new drive toward independence. Cherishing every nursing session with my 10-month-old as I know these days will come to an end soon. Creating a whole new level of connection with my partner while we both work at home. Noticing that I need quiet time more than I would like to admit.

All the while, my artist identity has not had much space, despite it being the life blood that keeps my body together. So, for my very first blog post, I am going to practice being still. Being with myself and the present moment. No pressure to perform, create, organize, etc.

Although freight-training my goals (spirituality, art, family, business, health- not in that order) is my shtick, I am going to try to simply chill and be. Not worry about COVID-19, or anything else for that matter. If you can relate to this and have been missing out on stillness, try this with me.

Steps to Stillness (at least the steps I am going to try):

- Turn off all your devices.

- Find somewhere comfortable to be.

- Hold something important to you (blanket, toy, etc).

- Look around your environment and see what you can see.

- Try not to judge your wondering mind, it is what it is.

Let me know how it goes, eh? Well wishes, stay safe and be still for a change.

COVID-19 Changes

February 14, 2020

In this Featured Member series, AATA celebrates the work of our members. During the coronavirus epidemic, we are inviting members to share their experiences about how their professional and personal lives have changed.

What has changed (or remained the same) in your job during the COVID-19 global crisis?

The global crisis has impacted my private practice in many ways. In a typical week, I hold 15-20 individual, family and couples’ sessions. Following the national recommendation to shelter in place, I am providing a few less sessions from home via two telehealth platforms. In addition to this, I am facilitating an eating disorder art therapy group with four or more...

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