Denesha specializes in multicultural adults and teens struggling with communication, anxiety, depression, and daily stressors. functional coping skills.

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Denesha Duncan, BS

Graduate Clinical  Counseling Intern


Denesha is anticipating the upcoming completion of the Master Clinical Social Work program at Walden University. She will then continue her journey to obtain the Master and Clinical Social work dual state licensure in Georgia and Nebraska.

Denesha is a proud New Jersey native, currently residing in the state of Georgia. She practices through a Trauma Informed and Strength-Based approach through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in including reality therapy, mindfulness practices and motivational interviewing as she empowers others to recognize their inner strength and innate resilience.

Denesha cultivates an open dialogue communication which welcomes others to share their experiences and goals without judgement. She collaborates with others to achieve goals through creative expressions custom to the individuals’ desires.

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A Few Words from Denesha

"I am so excited to collaborate with you on this counseling journey. I will give you the time and attention you need while pulling back the layers needed to address consuming issues. I will introduce coping skills and effective communication skills needed for optimal functioning. Let’s work toward getting to “happy” by mending the undesired and removing the excess."

- Denesha Duncan 

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