Online Art Therapy Support Groups

Creating with others who understand you

Starting Jan 18, 2021!​

$40 per week/person

Teens- Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30pm CST- 7:00pm CST

Adults-  Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30pm CST- 7:00pm CST

*Weekly billing options available. Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

Teen Support Group: Ages 14-19. Limited space available. 

Can this help me?

The online support group is an open studio for peers who struggle with mental illness or addiction. The purpose is to create art and connect with others in a meaningful way. Topics addressed will include: trauma, anxiety, depression, e-learning stress, eating disorders, health and wellness, self-esteem, dating violence, remote work stress, marriage and divorce, parenting, imposture syndrome and more.

Adult Support Group: All ages, genders and diverse cultural groups are welcome. Limited space available. 

Healing is here.

These groups are not about making perfect art but rather being with art and one another during a moment in time. We will laugh, cry and heal together through art. 

- Yasmin Tucker 

Age Limit for Teen Group: 14-19

Required materials: digital device and internet access.

Suggested materials: drawing paper, colored pencils, markers, paint, clay, buttons, ribbons, yarn, etc.

Group participants are encouraged to bring any art material they prefer. Art supplies, computer, webcam and internet service are not provided. 

Group rules will apply.