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BIPOC, Diverse Ability, Generationally, LGBTQIA2+, Religiosity- INCLUSIVE!

Yasmin Tucker

Founder, Owner & Art Therapist

Amber Leighty


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Rose Payne

Therapist & Addictions Counselor

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Nicole Hoffmann

Art Therapist

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Desiree Valentine

Therapist & Clinical Social Worker

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Ruzanna Carter

Art Therapist

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McKayla Roberts


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Latresa White


Now Accepting New Clients

Annie Bertsch


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Ashley Gipe

Graduate Clinical Intern

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Michelle Bourdo

Art Therapist

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Mental Health and Addictions Counseling

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Administrative Team

Ayla Carson

Administrative Operations Manager

Crystal McIntyre

Practice Billing Manager 

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Face to face sessions are available with Yasmin Tucker and Ashley Schrad only. Our main clinic space is available for private groups and trainings. 

Contact Yasmin Tucker or Ayla Carson for more information!

Telehealth and Face to Face Counseling Services Available

Telehealth and face to face availability based on therapist's schedule and speciality.

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Gloria AnzaldĂșa

"Though we tremble before uncertain futures, may we meet illness, death and adversity with strength. May we dance in the face of our fears."