Ti'Esha Jones

Graduate Clinical Counseling Intern




Ti'Esha specializes in military personnel and families, international populations, depression and anxiety with young adults. In addition she works across the lifespan with people(s) struggling with life adjustments.

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Ti'Esha Jones, BS

Graduate Clinical Counseling Intern


Ti’Esha is a graduate intern in the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She is expected to graduate in August 2022 with a provisional license in mental health counseling.

Ti’Esha has worked with the homeless population of Omaha/Douglas County for the past three years, specifically with individuals of all ages who struggle with co-occurring disorders and substance abuse disorders. Working with this population has given TI’Esha experience in working with those struggling with life adjustments. As a fourth-generation US Army soldier, Ti’Esha also has experience with the struggles that military personnel and their dependents face on a daily basis.

Ti’Esha works with clients to adjust their mindset and lifestyle in respect to mental health struggles using cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, and trauma-informed approach. Ti’Esha’s goal as a mental health professional is to support young adult clients on their journeys to living lives aligned with their personal values and redefining who they are on their own terms despite pressures and stressors from society.

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More About T'Esha

Beyond her passion for mental health and wellness, Ti’Esha is an avid planner and enjoys both functional and decorative planning. Although she’s lived in the midwest US for the past 6 years, Ti’Esha spent her upbringing in Japan and Korea. She hopes to work with the military population in South Korea further along in her mental health career. 

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